Tarping Australia

We are tarping Australia!

Over many years, Fleximake have been manufacturing tarpaulins for all various different applications from commercial storage use to simple home renovations. Whether it is used as a long-term solution or one off temporary solution, big or small, heavy-duty or light-weight, we have tarps that are compatible in every application.

Boating Tarps

Looking for a heavy-duty tarpaulin to cover up your boat, camper or caravan? Well then, look no further!

Bunker Covers

Our hay tarps (hay covers) are specially designed for all temporary and long-term applications.

Concrete Tarps

Whether it is the sun or the rain, gushing wind or breakthrough snow, our heavy-duty PVC material is guaranteed to control the condition and protect precast concrete forms and curing.

Heavy-Duty Tarps

Just because they are heavy-duty, doesn’t mean you should pay heavy prices! We guarantee great rates at exceptional quality.

Roof Tarps

Whether it’s a leak on your roof or if you are doing a full renovation, we got tarpaulins to solve your leaky situation, literally!

Builders Tarps

Did you say heavy-duty, but light-weight? Perfect, because that’s exactly what our builders tarps are!

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