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Need an economical field cover for your sporting club, that is expected to have a lengthy lifespan? Then you have arrived at the right place! Whether it is for your football club, baseball or cricket club, we have specially designed tarpaulins for every application. Our heavy-duty tarps are not only waterproof and UV treated, they are also designed to take bit of tough beating over the years.

Now think, who would love to shred some of those expensive maintenance costs? By having one of our sports tarps in place, you would do just that! Better protection, better maintenance, better play! And don’t forget, all at a much cheaper price!

Our sport tarpaulins come with eyelet loops for easy tie down and/ or webbing handles for easy drag across the field. Let us know your dimensions and the application, and our team here at Fleximake will help you determine the best and cheapest for your application.



There are plenty of facts which you need to consider when it comes to buying a custom pitch cover for a cricket turf grass. The ultimate objective of buying a good quality tarp is to have an idle pitch that offers assistance to the batsmen, bowlers and the ground staff. 

There are a number of suppliers who can cater for your requirement and a wide range of tarps in the market all over the world. Only a few will spend money on R&D. Hence, it is apparent why many are lacking in awareness about tarps.

You must also consider the manpower required to deploy the tarps and install them. Here are some facts that you need to think through before you buy a high quality cricket tarp. 


Before heading to a supplier you must check the size of the cricket pitch, which can ease you to choose the appropriate type of cricket covers, thickness and the most suitable material of the tarp. Of course, it should be a water resistant sports tarp, which is large in size and a tarp which can protect the turf and wicket from adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, warm seasons. 

A little oversized cricket pitch cover is practicable but it can be a growing concern especially if it is windy and storage can be an issue. On the other hand, undersized tarp can be more of an issue too. Consequently, you must know about the two industry classifications of tarps.

Cut size, which is the initial size of the tarp when manufactured (before sewing of the hems and seams) and the finish size, which is the size of the cover after sewing of the hem. Finish size ranges from 7.6 to 15.2cm and it is shorter than the cut size. Our Tarpfactory team can support you to determine the best and the cheapest solution for your application. 


The grass grown on turf pitches are more suitable for warmer conditions ideally between 25 to 32 degrees Celsius. It is usually drought tolerant. Despite that, evaporation will dry the surface of the pitch and the turf grass roots will assist in drying the pitch deeper down.

A quality pitch promote the game and develop good cricketers. You must choose a reliable merchant who can customize your requirement of maintaining the cricket turf, without ending up with a low quality, expensive product which has a low life span. With the use of the new state-of-the-art, there are numerous types of cricket tarpaulins in the market which can be used to custom your requirements like cricket wicket covers. 

The thickness of a tarp is measured in millimetres, which ranges from 0.10 to 0.40mm. More you move to a larger number, you will end up with a heavy tarp with high mesh count. Material of the cricket tarpaulins should be durable and more suitable for outdoor convention. Suggestion is to choose a mid-range, heavy duty tarp as the cricket ground cover.

Popular Products

Ease of deploy.

Unlike flat grass covers, our new inflatable rolling cricket pitch tarps made from heavy-duty reinforced PVC is much more suitable for situations like too much moisture in the wickets.  This TarpFactory turf cover is easy to handle because it is attached onto an inflatable tube. The advantage of this is that these tubes can be inflated within few minutes and able to keep the inflation up for a long period of time. 


Compared to the flat sheet turf cover, our inflatable pitch/turf cover would be extremely light and easy to roll in and out especially during wet conditions. In fact, they work the same way regardless of the weather conditions. It can be easily maneuvered by one or maximum two people and can be deployed very quickly and can also be retracted with the same speed.

This is a crucial factor to consider as no matter how good your tarp is if it can’t be deployed in a timely fashion it will be a useless tool in your shed.