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Did you say heavy-duty, but light-weight? Perfect, because that’s exactly what our builders tarps are!

Made using a tough and durable reinforced PVC, Fleximake’s builders tarps (renovation tarps) are super light-weight, and can easily be managed by yourself. So now you can cut back on those expensive labour costs!

Whether it’s a simple renovation or an ongoing long-term project; our waterproof tarpaulins are guaranteed to keep your belongings wrapped in prompt condition. Dust or rain, indoors or outdoors, our builders tarps should be the next thing added on to your list! These tarpaulins are designed with complete builder friendly, flexible material that can be easily fold/ rolled up, when not in use. Rips and damages can now be easily repaired.

But we know every renovation is different! So, if one of our standard tarpaulins don’t meet your needs, contact us to get a quick quote. If required, logo printing can also be done.

**Printing sizes are subject to change**




Yellow, Silver, White Stripes

19 x 9m $ 544.50 + Shipping
12 x 10m $ 385.00 + Shipping
17 x 7m $ 379.50 + Shipping
11 x 7m $ 247.50 + Shipping
14 x 4m $ 181.50 (Free Shipping)
8 x 6m $ 126.50 (Free Shipping)
11 x 4m $ 115.50 (Free Shipping)

PLEASE NOTE: These products are subject to an individualised freight charge based on the delivery location. Please supply your postcode to receive a quote.

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14 x 4m (Yellow, Silver, White Stripes), 8 x 6m (Yellow, Silver, White Stripes), 11 x 4m (Yellow, Silver, White Stripes), Different size of tarps

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