Hay Tarps

Our hay tarps (hay covers) are specially designed for all temporary and long-term applications. The tie down methods can either be eyelets, handles or weights; we can customize in to the most useful method to you. These will ensure the protection of the hay and will keep them in the same state; even under strong winds, and heavy rains. Designed for all weather conditions, our hay covers are wind resistant, waterproof and UV stable, and with the guaranteed manufacture warranty- we take the stress out of your situation.

If our standard hay tarps don’t suit, just flick us message with the sizes you require and the application, and we will contact you back!

Light Blue/ White

5 x 4m$ 55.00 (Free Shipping)
20 x 10m$ 880.00 + Shipping
20 x 15m$ 1,180.00 + Shipping
20 x 30m$ 2,160.00 + Shipping
30 x 25m$ 2,250.00 + Shipping
30 x 30m$ 2,300.00 + Shipping



15 x7m$ 346.50 + Shipping
15 x 6m$ 291.50 + Shipping
15 x 4m$ 198.00 (Free Shipping)


Dark Blue

16 x 5m$ 280.50 + Shipping
11 x 6m$ 231.00 + Shipping
15 x 4m$ 214.50 (Free Shipping)
11 x 4m$ 154.00 (Free Shipping)


Brown, Silver, White Stripes

15 x 6m$ 291.50 + Shipping
15 x 5m$ 236.50 + Shipping
15 x 4m$ 198.00 (Free Shipping)
11 x 4m$ 154.00 (Free Shipping)

PLEASE NOTE: These products are subject to an individualised freight charge based on the delivery location. Please supply your postcode to receive a quote.