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Inflatable Turf/Pitch Cover/Tarp

You can purchase one flat sheet of turf cover and struggle with it when having to roll it up, unroll it and then folding it back into place. Or you can purchase our inflatable turf cover and save on time and labour, while increasing your play time.

Made using heavy-duty reinforced PVC, the inflatable cylinder is easy to manoeuvre. Also, because the full weight of the actual cover is carried by the inflatable tube itself, one person can easily roll the cover in and out of the ground without too much of an effort. Besides, this rolling method will allow the grass to be maintained properly and unharmed as it would be during the dragging method. And what’s even better is that you don’t have to go and purchase a whole new industrial air compressor to fill this bag up with. You can just use the same leaf blower that you would use on the pitch otherwise. We can add fittings up to 3 inches- fittings are added to suit your exact requirement. The turf cover is attached onto the inflatable tube and rolled around it for easy handle. These tubes can be inflated within minutes and are able to keep the inflation up for a long period of time.

Like the flat sheet turf cover, our inflatable pitch/turf cover would not be extremely heavy or nearly impossible to roll in and out specially during wet conditions. In fact, they work the same way regardless of the condition.

To sum up, if you are after a time conserving, economical, and effortless solution, our inflatable pitch coves are the way to go!