Heavy-Duty Tarps

Just because they are heavy-duty, doesn’t mean you should pay heavy prices! We guarantee great rates at exceptional quality.

Our heavy-duty tarpaulins come in both rip-stop reinforced PVC (range between 550GSM up to 1400GSM) as well as in PE- Polyethylene fabric. We can provide the most suited material depending on your application. We ensure nothing but top-quality products at the cheapest price!

Fleximake have been manufacturing heavy-duty tarpaulins for commercial storage use, as grain bunker covers, for renovations, custom made trailers, as well as for other general usage. Unlike most other companies, we weld our tarps instead of sewing to guarantee that extra-strength. If you need tarps that are extra-large and extra heavy-duty, why go anywhere else? We got solutions for all commercial, industrial, agricultural and all other general purposes.

Contact us today, and we will help you decide the most compatible material for you.