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Our grain bunker covers and ground sheets have become a convenient and a beneficial solution for all grain farmers and grain dealers across the board. Our bunker covers are available in a wide range of fabrics with a different grades/ and weights allowing the perfect functionality based on the application. These are manufactured in both PE and PVC materials and cater to the exact size/ shape you require. All our grain bunker covers are made with fully welded seams allowing strength and high resistance during the toughest working conditions.

If you need a solution protecting your valuable harvesting, then look no further than our bunker covers!

Our covers are also far more economical than purchasing multiple field bins or constructing large storage sheds. And the bunker covers require very little to no maintenance.

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Light Blue/ White

5 x 4m$ 55.00 (Free Shipping)
20 x 10m$ 880.00 + Shipping
20 x 15m$ 1,180.00 + Shipping
20 x 30m$ 2,160.00 + Shipping
30 x 25m$ 2,250.00 + Shipping
30 x 30m$ 2,300.00 + Shipping


Blue Bunker Covers

15 x7m$ 346.50 + Shipping
15 x 6m$ 291.50 + Shipping
15 x 4m$ 198.00 (Free Shipping)


Dark Blue Bunker Covers

16 x 5m$ 280.50 + Shipping
11 x 6m$ 231.00 + Shipping
15 x 4m$ 214.50 (Free Shipping)
11 x 4m$ 154.00 (Free Shipping)


Brown, Silver, White Stripes

15 x 6m$ 291.50 + Shipping
15 x 5m$ 236.50 + Shipping
15 x 4m$ 198.00 (Free Shipping)
11 x 4m$ 154.00 (Free Shipping)

PLEASE NOTE: These bunker covers are subject to an individualised freight charge based on the delivery location. Please supply your postcode to receive a quote.

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5 x 4m (Light Blue/ White), 15 x 4m (Blue), 15 x 4m (Dark Blue), 11 x 4m (Dark Blue), 15 x 4m (Brown, Silver, White Stripes), 11 x 4m (Brown, Silver, White Stripes), Different size of tarps