About Tarpfactory

Tarpfactory is a division of Fleximake, a leading Australian manufacturer of specialized flexible products for industrial, mining, oil & gas, commercial, residential, and mobile applications. Our focus is on providing durable, versatile tarp solutions to meet diverse needs and withstand harsh conditions.

Made from textiles and plastics, our innovative solutions use modern materials and manufacturing techniques to deliver quality products. We are dedicated to providing locally designed and produced solutions, with a major portion of our products manufactured in Australia and carefully selected imported products of high quality.

Quality Assurance through ISO 9001 Certification

We are proud to hold ISO 9001 certification, demonstrating our commitment to delivering quality products and services. This recognition reflects our systematic approach to ensuring customer satisfaction, continual improvement, and risk management.

Innovation & Recognition: The Tarpfactory Advantage

At Tarpfactory, we are always at the forefront of innovation. Our commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest manufacturing techniques and technology ensures that our products are made with the highest quality standards in mind. We are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions to meet the challenging needs of our customers. At Tarpfactory, we are proud to have received recognition for our innovation and commitment to providing the best solutions. We have been honoured with the award for Product Innovation from The Specialised Textiles Association, a testament to our dedication to advancing the industry and serving our customers.

Fast Turnaround with Custom-made Tarps

We produce custom tarps with the fastest tarp manufacturing machines in Australia. Our modern tech, high-speed machines bring us the capability to guarantee you a fast turnaround time regardless of the size or shape of the tarp. This also means that now we can offer you very competitive prices as opposed to our direct competitors. As well as our already existing standard range, we can also produce custom tarps to suit your specific requirement.

Commitment to Service & Satisfaction

We prioritize quality and timely service at Tarpfactory, with the ultimate goal of customer satisfaction. Our team is dedicated to customizing solutions and ensuring quality at every stage. We believe that building strong customer relationships is key to our success.

Customer Feedback Matters

Your feedback is crucial to our continuous improvement and innovation. Please share your thoughts and suggestions via our Contact Us page.

Complaints Resolution

If you experience any issues with our products, our team is here to help.Contact Us a prompt, fair, and reasonable resolution. Our goal is always to achieve long-term customer satisfaction.

If you need a durable tarp for a competitive price, you are at the right place!

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